An essay on bivariate analysis

You must do this analysis by answering the specific questions listed. Keep your answers as brief as possible using an "outline" style rather than an elaborate writing style whenever possible.

An essay on bivariate analysis

Bivariate analysis looks at the relationship between two variables. It is commonly analyzed and interpreted with the aid of the cross-tabulation or cross-tab, allowing the researcher to check the interaction between the two variables under study.

The variables under study are called the independent or predictor variable and the dependent or outcome variable. The interaction between the two is reflected in the cross-tab, and each interaction can be expressed in either frequencies raw count or percentages, or both.

It is critical in bivariate analysis to establish whether the relationship observed is significant or not. Determining the significance of the relationship is important since it significance will determine whether percentage differences in the results are worth analyzing or not.

An essay on bivariate analysis

However, the researcher may opt to look into percentage differences even if the relationship is not significant, for directional or diagnostic use only.

Multivariate analysis, meanwhile, looks at the relationship of more than two 2 variables. What makes this form of statistical analysis useful is that it provides both breadth and depth in looking at the relationship among the variables under study, which could not have been observed when bivariate analysis is used.

Analyzing more than two variables is a rigorous and complex process, which is why there are different techniques used under multivariate analysis, such as multiple regression, discriminant analysis, canonical correlation, factor analysis, and cluster analysis, among others.

In multivariate analysis, dependence and interdependence techniques are used, each having its own objective.

An essay on bivariate analysis

An essay on bivariate analysis the dependence technique, multivariate analysis looks at the relationship between a variable or a set of variables assigned as the dependent variable sand the other set of variables assigned as independent variable s. That is, the relationship being analyzed is the set of variables Xs, which will explain or predict the dependent variables Ys.

An example of an application of this technique is regression, wherein the relationship between two sets of variables is not only analyzed based on its nature and strength, but also informs the researcher about the predictive power of the Xs on the Ys.

Through regression, the researcher can also identify the contribution of one or more variable in the independent variables set Xs in the model generated. Interdependence technique in multivariate analysis looks at the relationship among variables rather than looking at two different sets of variables categorized as dependent or independent variables.

That is, interdependence technique treats and analyzes the variables under study as a single set. Most commonly used analysis using this technique is factor analysis, which is mainly used for reducing and summarizing research data into a manageable manner.

Factor analysis helps the researcher determine and explain the relationships, specifically correlations, extant among the variables tested.

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Application of this type of analysis is most useful in market researchwherein psychographic factors and attitude statements are often treated as one set of variables, factor analyzed to generate a smaller set of variables that would somehow reflect, highlight, or explain differences among the variables and across respondent groups or profiles Weiers, As explained earlier, linear regression looks into the predictive power of two sets of variables, Xs and Ys.

It also aims to provide information about the contribution of one or more variables in the independent variables Xs to the relationship generated. Despite these features of linear regression, multiple linear regression is more powerful than the former because it does not only determine the contribution of the independent variables to the relationship, but it also takes into account the strength of contribution of the independent variables while controlling for other independent variables in the model.

Discriminant analysis, meanwhile, is a dependence technique that looks at the relationship between a non-metric or categorical dependent variable and metric interval independent variables.

This is used when the researcher would like to discriminate between categories in the dependent variable or among categories in the Y for multiple discriminant analysis. Canonical correlation analysis is used to measure the strength of the association between the independent and independent sets of variables.

Notes on Bivariate Analysis

This type of analysis is most helpful in validation of test results, wherein the researcher would determine which variables are significantly related, and upon determining this, run further canonical analysis with the identified significant variables Hair, Multivariate analysis of variance or MANOVA, lastly, is the analysis of two or more metric-dependent variables, measuring 1 variance attributed to between-group differences and 2 variance attributed to within-group differences.Related Documents: Biology: Statistics and Bivariate Linear Regression Essay Statistics Paper - Home Valuation Services including evaluating descriptive statistics and graphical representations of data, constructing confidence intervals, creating hypothesis tests, analyzing variance, and performing regression analysis.

Apr 06,  · This video talks about the four Bi-variate Analysis namely: Regression, Hypothesis testing, Cross tabulation and Linear Discriminant Analysis/Binary Regression. One example is . 3) Summarize any discussion by the author(s) of why this is a good measure or of what its problems are, including statistics like factor analyses or reliability coefficients, but NOT material on the bivariate relations with other variables.

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