Ayotzinapa essay

Ayotzinapa protests awaken Mexico from a nightmare November 7, The disappearance of 43 students whirls Mexico into a political crisis, but the social movement that has risen up in response could change it forever. Authors Jeremy Crowlesmith The political and humanitarian crisis in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero marks a new low in a country marred by corruption and drug violence.

Ayotzinapa essay

There will always be disagreement over direction — whether the story came Ayotzinapa essay the southwest or the southeast. The story may arrive with a stranger, a traveler thrown out of his home country months ago.

Or the story may be brought by an old friend, perhaps the parrot trader.

Ayotzinapa essay

But after you hear the story, you and the others prepare by the new moon to rise up against the slave masters. In Guerrero, they will take you into the mountains force you to dig a ditch and jump in it. They will look you the eye and throw dirt atop of you, bury you alive.

Your own brothers,the very same men that struggle beside you-turned into monsters by the State. Hidden beneath the weight of a gun and a badge-these very same men you call upon to protect you, will bring forth your death in the palm of their hands.

As your skin is set a blaze so will a country rise in protest. The mountains will echo your voice through its terrains until the poet hears the cry of his people.

Until a poet warns the village that they are coming after all us, the State slowly swallowing each one by one -as the sun rests on a open street, an open plaza, as the world is watching one by one, the State will hang our bodies from freeway overpasses,leave our remains scattered as a reminder that our lives are expendable.

The earth only swallows those that call upon it. The trees tells us their screams are etched on the brown of their bark and so we shout in protest.

We ask the State, where did you hide them? Give us back our brothers, those boys you took, the ones that dreamt of being school teachers planting seeds that would help our country grow into a land where the poor prosper.

The poet told us of what the State did to them of what they have done to us,muffle their cries by throwing mounds of dirt over them, kept us silent by keeping us hungry.

But today is not yesterday. Esta es la gota que derramo el vaso. The straw that broke the camel. The earth shakes as we call upon their names, los Vivos se los llevaron y vivo los queremos. We can hear them marching.

The sound of their boots crashing against pavement. Each step calls upon the restless spirits that roam our Pueblos. With uniforms and metal they gathered. The poet calls upon the people.The shock of the Ayotzinapa drama still reverberates months later.

Ayotzinapa essay

Social movements are battling to make use of the space for action that opened up. Ayotzinapa is still being treated as an isolated incident.

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It is not regarded critically, and the conversation is therefore often heated and shortsighted. This essay is about the Mexican citizens and artists that are playing a role in that uprising. The posters in this essay came from Mexican artists who created portraits of the 43 missing students disappeared by state “authorities” in Guerrero, Mexico.

Ayotzinapa; Entre el dolor y la esperanza. In English the phrase translates to. Ayotzinapa Families Bring Their Struggle to the U.S. The Ayotzinapa families make it very clear that the disappeared students from the Ayotzinapa College are neither the first, nor the last.

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Ayotzinapa: In Guerrero, they will take you into the mountains force you to dig a ditch and jump in it. They will look you the eye and throw dirt atop of you, bury you alive. The Raúl Isidro Burgos Rural Teachers College in Ayotzinapa, founded in , is an all-male school that has historically been associated with student activism.

Demonstration on September 26, , in the first anniversary of the Iguala mass kidnapping. Mexico City.

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