Case study on executive shirt company

Major HBR cases concerns on a whole industry, a whole organization or some part of organization; profitable or non-profitable organizations. To make a detailed case analysis, student should follow these steps:

Case study on executive shirt company

Reading List Key Takeaways Stitch Fix, a clothing retailer, employs nearly as many data scientists as engineers. The data scientists work on algorithms critical to the company's success, and require a substantial amount of data to succeed Although microservices may be necessary for achieving a highly scalable solution, do not start with the complexity of a highly distributed system until the company is successful enough that microservices become justified and necessary All major companies that are now using microservices, including eBay, Twitter, and Amazon.

Creating separate data stores can be the most challenging aspect of a microservices migration The process for separating out a monolithic database involves a repeatable process of isolating each service's data and preventing direct data access from other services GDPR for Software Engineers This eMag examines what software engineers, data engineers, and operations teams need to know about GDPR, along with the implications it has on data collection, storage and use for any organization dealing with customer data in the EU.

Stitch Fix is a clothing retailer in the United States, and we use technology and data science to help customers find the clothing they like. That is Google's platform as a service, like Heroku, or Cloud Foundry, or something like that. Earlier, I was chief engineer for about six-and-a-half years at eBay, where I helped our teams build multiple generations of search infrastructure.

If you have ever gone to eBay and found something that you liked then, great, my team did a good job. And if you didn't find it, well, you know where to put the blame. Let me start with a little bit about Stitch Fix, because that informs the lessons and the techniques of our breaking monoliths into microservices.

Stitch Fix is the reverse of the standard clothing retailer. Rather than shop online or go to a store yourself, what if you had an expert do it for you?

We ask you to fill out a really detailed style profile about yourself, consisting of 60 to 70 questions, which might take you 20 to 30 minutes. We ask your size, height, weight, what styles you like, if you want to flaunt your arms, if you want to hide your hips… — we ask very detailed and personal things.

Anybody in your life who knows how to choose clothes for you must know about you.

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As a client, you have five items we deliver to your doorstep, hand-picked for you by one of 3, stylists around the country. You keep the things that you like, pay us for those, and return the rest for free. A couple of things go on behind the scenes among both humans and machines.

On the machine side, we look every night at every piece of inventory, reference that against every one of our clients, and compute a predicted probability of purchase. That is, what is the conditional probability that Randy will keep this shirt that we send him. Imagine that there's a 72 percent chance that Randy will keep this shirt, 54 percent chance for these pants, and 47 percent chance for the shoes — and for each of you in the room, the percentages are going to be different.

We have machine-learned models that we layer in an ensemble to compute those percentages, which compose a set of personalized algorithmic recommendations for each customer that go to the stylists.

As the stylist is essentially shopping for you, choosing those five items on your behalf, he or she is looking at those algorithmic recommendations and figuring out what to put in the box.

We need the humans to put together an outfit, which the machines are currently not able to do.

Case study on executive shirt company

Sometimes, the human will answer a request such as "I'm going to Manhattan for an evening wedding, so send me something appropriate. All of this requires a ton of data. Interestingly and, I believe, uniquely, Stitch Fix has a one-to-one ratio between data science and engineering.

We have more than a hundred software engineers in the team that I work on and roughly 80 data scientists and algorithm developers that are doing all the data science.

To my knowledge, this is a unique ratio in the industry. I don't know any other company on the planet that has this kind of near one-to-one ratio.

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What do we do with all of those data scientists? It turns out, if you are smart, it pays off. We apply the same techniques to what clothes we're going to buy. We make algorithmic recommendations to the buyers and they figure out that, okay, next season, we're going to buy more white denim or cold shoulders are out or Capri pants are in next.

We use data analysis for inventory management:Whether you're crossing your arms as a protective shield or opening them as a sign of welcome, the way you position your arms tells an insightful observer how you're feeling.

Dave Kerpen is the founder and CEO of Likeable Local, as well as the cofounder and chairman of Likeable Media. Likeable Local is a social media software company geared toward small businesses, whereas Likeable Media is a social media and content marketing agency.

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Case study on executive shirt company

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