Co ed confidential blind date imdb

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Co ed confidential blind date imdb

The Replacements episode list The opening sequence explains that siblings Todd and Riley lived what seem to be their entire lives in an orphanage, with no explanation of what happened to their birth parents.

While cleaning the floors, they stumbled across a Fleemco comic book. They mail-ordered a Fleemco phone which allows them to replace any person or animal they desire and in the process they got new parents: Whenever Todd and Riley want to replace someone, they call Conrad Fleem on the Fleemco phone via a large button.

Fleemco immediately replaces the person with someone to the liking of Todd and Riley. The series follows their chaotic misadventures as they use Fleemco to attempt to better their lives in nearly every problematic situation they encounter.

He and his older sister Riley are the adopted children of K and Dick Daring. He is 11 in the first season and 12 in the second season. He usually uses the Fleemco phone to replace people for selfish purposes.

Co ed confidential blind date imdb

He is best friends with Jacobo. In an episode, it is revealed that Todd has a talent for singing. Riley, K, and Dick forced him to join the school choir, along with Shelton Klutzberry and the twins.

Todd loves the Monkey Cop movie series as well as playing the Gamecone parody of GameCube video game console. He hates school, learning, and reading which forces him to replace the librarian in another episode. His catch phrases include "Don't judge me" and "Sweet.

In season two, Todd still has feelings for Sierra after the one-time bond between the two after the parody of Star Trek club. In the episode Tasumi Unmasked, Todd formed his own one-man band and battled against the mailman for his "Game Cone 4". She and her younger brother Todd are the adopted children of K and Dick Daring.

She is 13 in the first season and 14 in the second season.

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She generally uses the Fleemco phone to replace mean or unfair adults. She is a girly girl and enjoys playing baseball, playing the violin, horses, ponies, Hornet Hive Scouts, candy, and pretty much any form of sugar. At one point she was part of the Journalism staff at school.

She has a crush on Johnny Hitswell and they became a couple in season 2. But in "Heartbreak in the City" Johnny broke up with her because of her controlling attitude.

She claims she is over him, despite many people who claim otherwise. She has an imaginary unicorn friend named Rainbow Jumper. She gets a B average in school.

Riley can easily become jealous, like when Todd made a fortune off of his "Gum Art" and she wasn't with her Unicorn "Art. Riley had braces when she was younger. Riley also has a mission: Get Todd to do the right thing and be selfless.

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Sugar makes Riley hyper. Leslie told her to be, and almost blows up Antarctica when she stows away on K's mission to stop Dr. Scorpius, but in the end Riley saves the day even though K's mission is too dangerous. In "Ratted out", she started to sing the very first song of the whole series entitled "My Rat Buddy".

She is the siblings' adoptive mother who is of British descent and is a super spy. Agent K height is 6'1 tall. From an outside view it may seem she doesn't care for her kids or husband, but in fact she loves them devotedly, even though she may express it through a recording or videotape.

If something is done unfairly, she fixes it very quickly. She is seen to be a terrible cook. Her career as a spy has also made her highly suspicious of anything that is the least bit out-of-place, to the point of paranoia. In the episode Abra K Dabra!

She also has a habit for thinking all her chores are secret missions. She plays classical violin.Co-Ed Confidential is a TV series starring Kevin Patrick, Michelle Maylene, and Bradley Joseph. A frat house notorious for parties is turned into a co-ed residence for four freshmen under the supervision of a graduate student and.

The sexy doings at a college fraternity house are the focus of this in this compilation from the erotic series, Co-Ed Confidential. Episodes Include: Episode 7 Blind Date, Episode 8 The Intervention and Episode 9 The Climax Killer%(9).

"Blind Date" – 15 de diciembre de "The Intervention" – 21 de diciembre de "The Climax Killer" – 28 de diciembre de "When Virgins Attack" – 4 de enero de Co-Ed Confidential en Internet Movie Database (en inglés) Co-Ed Confidential en;.

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Co-Ed Confidential is a cable series that is Cinemax's erotic remake of National Lampoon's Animal House "Blind Date" – December 15, "The Intervention" – December 21, Co-Ed Confidential on IMDb ; Co-Ed Confidential at

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