Cosmetic surgery only superficial essay

It is needed by millions of Americans every year, not only to improve life, but in some cases, to save it. There are two types of plastic surgery: Sometimes, however, the difference is not so black and white. A woman may feel she needs breast implants to look more attractive, while another may need breast reconstruction after an appearance-altering event, such as a mastectomy.

Cosmetic surgery only superficial essay

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Should people be allowed to have cosmetic surgery before the age of 18? With the application of science and technology in medicine, people, especially youngsters, are becoming more aware of cosmetic surgery.

According to a recent survey, nearly half of teenagers from 11 to 18 years old said they wanted surgery in pursuit of a "designer" body like their idols and celebrities. However, having cosmetic surgery before turning eighteen is still illegal in most countries. There are pros and cons in doing this.

There are two main reasons why youngsters want to go through cosmetic surgery. Firstly, the surgery will theoretically make them more beautiful. Usually, a teen wishes to use the surgery to correct poorly proportioned parts of their body including a mis-shapen nose, protruding ears, overly large breasts, asymmetrical breasts, or severe acne and scarring.

After their physical characteristics have been corrected, they should look prettier and more attractive. Secondly, having cosmetic surgery is a way to gain self-esteem. Because their physical problems have been solved, they no longer feel awkward about their appearances.

Therefore, they frequently gain more confidence in themselves.

Cosmetic surgery only superficial essay

For example, Caitlin Clemons, an American teenager, who used to have low self-esteem because of her body, was reported to gain confidence after her breast augmentation surgery. On the other hand, having cosmetic surgery before 18 also has some drawbacks. Firstly, it increases the risk of being affected by side effects from these surgeries.

For instance, when going under cosmetic surgery, there is a chance that you could have a reaction against anesthesia used in the operations, which can be deadly. Furthermore, cosmetic surgery is likely to make patients get scars, which cannot be corrected. Secondly, allowing teenagers to go through plastic surgery may make them overestimate physical appearances over inner characteristics.

Gradually, they may not treasure their personalities but try as hard as possible to enhance their looks. In conclusion, having cosmetic surgery before turning eighteen has both advantages and disadvantages. It could help you become more beautiful, but at the same time, make you become a surgery disaster, if the surgery does not succeed.

As a teenager, trying to enhance our body is necessary, but we should also try to improve our personality.We should not only cut back on the use of cosmetic surgery for safety reasons but also because it is destroying the simple beauty of a person being who they are.

The American society will change its view of people in the years to come. Documents Similar To Cosmetic Surgery Essay. Research Paper(Plastic Surgery) Uploaded by.

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Cosmetic surgery is a type of plastic surgery that aims to improve appearance. Find out about the types available and get some tips on choosing wisely. May 03,  · I have to write an argumentative essay against cosmetic surgery. Could someone please look if there are mistakes (grammar mistakes, vocabulary mistakes, logical mistakes), if the text is well-structured, if everything in the text is formal?

That is to say: the only thing such a cosmetic surgery does, is to make you younger for a few . Free coursework on Cosmetic Surgery from, the UK essays company for essay, dissertation and coursework writing.

Plastic Surgery: Superficial or Necessary? Plastic surgery is a very necessary form of surgery. It is needed by millions of Americans every year, not only to improve life, but in some cases, to save it. Published: Mon, 5 Dec Given the advancements in technology, cosmetic surgery, a type of plastic surgery, has become more of an art than an operation nowadays.

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