Essay about edsa revolution

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Essay about edsa revolution

The World Fantasy Award-nominated speculative fiction blog. Thursday, February 24, Essay: The concept of "People Power" is fresh, considering current events, such as the protests in Egypt two weeks ago. But I say that not just as praise, but also as a warning. Other countries have attempted the same movement, but massacres do happen, such as what happened in Tiananmen Square in In many ways, that also echoes a concern of people around the world when it comes to Egypt: The problem stems from the fact that people have different expectations.

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Unfortunately, this belief is a poor fit for democracy. When people contemplate the Edsa Revolution, they compare whether the Philippines is better off today. When former president Marcos was ousted, Filipinos expected many things: In other words, a utopia.

And that means constant vigilance and effort on our part as citizens. What the Edsa Revolution did accomplish, and this was a transparent short-term goal right from the outset, was to oust a dictator.

In that sense, we succeeded. Why was this important? Because it opened the possibility for change. This is the current plight of Egypt.

Essay about edsa revolution

A decade from now, Egypt may be better or worse off than its current state. But rather than the responsibility solely resting on one individual, the burden is now shared equally among its citizens and to a certain extent, the global community. In fact, more than half a century ago, former president Manuel L.

Quezon had this to say: Which I think is important here: In my opinion, some of us fail to fully comprehend all of the implications of a democracy and dictatorship.The Role of Media in Edsa Revolution Words Aug 13th, 6 Pages The media had come to its success not by accident; for Philippine media today is a product of context and history.

Joe Schmoe February 4, Social Studies Willey. People Power Essay “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” The EDSA Revolution, also known as the People Power Revolution, was a very important event in Philippine history.5/5(6).

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For more than a decade now, many Filipinos have trekked to EDSA to commemorate the anniversary of the February “People Power Revolution,” marking the overthrow of President Marcos’ regime.

Essay about edsa revolution

EDSA People Power Revolution People Power Monument along EDSA, Quezon CityThe Philippines was praised worldwide in , when the so-called bloodless revolution .

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