Freakonomics essay questions

It reveals the secrets of the lie that people have heard. The authors explain the truth as the opposite to what the public does not hear.

Freakonomics essay questions

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Dr Marc Turetzky Superfreakonomics: Levitt and Dubner go through different cases and examples to explain human behavior, make decisions about policy, and come up with interesting conclusions.

Their conclusions may be fun to read about, but may not always apply well to political policy or even choices made by individuals every day in their daily lives. However, some of the underlying reasons to search for answers, looking at data, seeing at cause and effect, and other factors at the heart of Superfreakonomics should be used and considered when thinking of making effective political policy.

Summary Superfreakanomics is set up in chapters of short vignettes that explore different topics Freakonomics essay questions from illegal industries, such as prostitution to debunking taken for granted assumptions and examples, such as the safety behind using car seats and the altruistic nature of humans.

Each chapter provides multiple stories, background, data, and commentary on how this system is flawed, could be improved, or related to larger issues in the world, such as fighting terrorism.

In the introduction, Levitt and Dubner talk about seeing the world through the eyes of the economist and include being a woman Freakonomics essay questions India and the transition of horses to cars, as well as talking about statistics and the bending of knowledge.

This introduction shows that every day events can be interesting and can be a starting point of discussion Prostitutes do seasonal part-time work and can make a lot of money to pay bills, as opposed to working two jobs, due to the fact that the work is illegal and customers are willing to pay.

In addition to supply and demand to make ends meet, the drive for prostitution is also related to differences in how much money a woman earns versus a man A woman is willing to be a prostitute, since she is able to make more money per hour. With relations to economics, prostitutes do cost-benefit analysis when it comes to having a pimp, just like other people do with real estate agents Both prostitutes and people who want to sell their homes decide that it is better to provide money to someone else for a better overall outcome.

Secondly, Levitt and Dubner attempt to work backwards from baby health outcomes, hospital doctor ratings and treatment, and profiling terrorists. By working backwards, Levitt and Dubner are looking for ways to change the current situation by small changes, such as integrating information at the emergency room of the hospital and using computer programs to look for trends in health symptoms and also if that applies to policies that can be used to protect the United States.

Economics is also connected to the human psyche with human motivations, altruism, and apathy using the main example of Kitty Genovese showing that things are always more complicated than they seem In this section, there are many psychological experiences that break down assumptions that people do the right thing.

People will do the right there unless there are different incentives, such as money and peer pressure that get in the way. Instead of picking the most expensive and complicated answers, Levitt and Dubner ask that people pick preventative ways, such as washing hands and taking vaccinations to prevent the spread of disease, other public health measures, and moving ocean water to prevent hurricanes.

Connected to controlling ocean water to influence hurricanes is global warming.

Freakonomics essay questions

Global warming also needs solutions. However, with global warming, there is concern about the problem itself and what is possible. There is also the issue of externalities.

While mostly companies and cows produce the emissions, the global warming problem is inherited by everyone. Everyone has to deal with increased temperatures, dying polar bears, and unusual weather patterns. Who has the power to limit emissions?

Who is going to put up the money? Just like previous issues, the simplest and most cost effective solution may not be considered, due to its questioned effectiveness. In this case, it involves sulfur emissions in the upper stratosphere or changing architecture to shoot emissions to a different level.

Just like previous sections, this section argues about the economic basis of costs and benefits involved in making decisions, such as choosing what to do about global warming.

In their conclusion, Levitt and Dubner leave the reader thinking with a story about monkeys taught to use money. Monkeys are taught to use money by associating coins with receiving food.


After learning to use money, the monkeys realize its value and start to steal money and exchange money for sexual activity Freakonomics essay Rebelreports by applying basic understanding of incentives, idea that is a 5, freakonomics is a rhetorical.

Easybib helps students watched an . Some of these questions concern life-and-death issues; others have an admittedly freakish quality. Thus the new field of study contained in this book: Freakonomics.

Through forceful storytelling and wry insight, Levitt and Dubner show that economics is, at root, the study of incentives—how people get what they want, or need, especially when Reviews: K.

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Transcript of Freakonomics Appeals Rhetorical Triangle Authors Steven D. Levitt is a William B. Ogden Distinguished Service Professor in Economics at the University of Chicago since He is described as having an enormous curiosity and is an intuitionist who sifts through piles of data to find an original story and devises ways to measure.

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Freakonomics essay questions
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