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Hi write paper yellow pages

The three classes of household products tested for pH levels in this lab were; cleaning, personal care, and food products. The only personal care product that was tested in this lab was shampoo; which was a very weak acid, it scored 4 on the pH scale, when tested with red litmus it stayed red, but turned pink when tested with blue litmus and stayed orange when tested with pH paper.

Lemon juice was the first food product tested it proved to be a very strong acid; red litmus stayed the same color, blue litmus turned red and pH paper turned bright red, scoring a 7 on the pH scale. The second food product that was tested was green tea which was neutral; it stayed red with red litmus, stayed blue with blue litmus and stayed orange with pH paper and therefore, scored a pH level of 7.

The third food product that was tested was Sprite, which was a weak acid, the red litmus stayed red, blue litmus turned pink and the pH paper stayed orange scoring a pH level of 7.

The last food product that was tested was milk, which turned out to be neutral, when tested with red litmus it turned light purple, the blue litmus stayed blue and the pH paper turned yellow, which scored a pH level of 7.

Lastly, cleaning products were tested.

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The first cleaning product tested was detergent which was a base, the red litmus turned blue, the blue litmus stayed blue and the pH paper turned yellow, giving it a pH level of The last cleaning product tested was Windex which was a weak base; it turned red litmus blue, kept blue litmus the same color and turned pH paper light green and scored a pH level of 9.

When red litmus paper was tested on substances from the food category they stayed red, except for milk which turned light purple. Only one personal care product was tested; shampoo. It showed acidic properties when tested with all three indicators; the red litmus stayed red, the blue litmus turned pink and the pH paper stayed orange.

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Shampoo resulted to be a weak acid. The results for cleaning products were very similar. When tested with red litmus detergent and Windex both turned the paper blue. Then, when they were tested with blue litmus both products kept the blue litmus the same color. The only result that varied was when tested with pH paper detergent turned the paper yellow, while Windex turned the paper light green.

But in the end they were both bases, just one stronger than the other. Most of the results within the product class are the same, but the results differ within the class of food products.

Food products vary from being acids and neutral solutions. Food products which are sour, like lemon juice, turn out to be acids. On the other hand, some food products are neutral such as milk and green tea. Most of the household products are acids, but in general whichever category they fall under they are weak.


The reason the acids are weak because these are things that you use in your day-to-day life, if the acidity level is high it can burn through your skin and cause harm. On the other hand, the cleaning products are weak bases because they need to have some acidic properties to them in order to kill bacteria, if it was a strong base it would not have the same affect.

hi write paper yellow pages

There are many possible errors that could have occurred. First, when putting the chosen substance in the well dish, the wooden stick that was touching the substance may have been contaminated with another substance. Secondly, when all the substances were in the well dish, it was possible that one substance could have accidentally touched another substance.

Another error that could have occurred is that enough time was not given to see the change of color in the various indicator papers. To ensure the best and most accurate results this experiment could be conducted once more.The last food product that was tested was milk, which turned out to be neutral, when tested with red litmus it turned light purple, the blue litmus stayed blue and the pH paper turned yellow.

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