How advertising help to sell the product essay

Demonstrate a Benefit The key to successful advertising is to sell the benefits of your product or service in solving problems, rather than its features. For example, rather than simply listing the features of a small-business accounting software program, software marketers should point out that improved accounting can help businesses save staff time, generate invoices faster, improve receivables turnover and boost profits. The implied need is that customers must improve their weak accounting practices to improve profitability.

How advertising help to sell the product essay

This can be on radio or television, in newspapers or magazines, on posters and billboards, or by using leaflets handed out in the street or delivered to homes. For small agroprocessors, television and national newspapers are not realistic options, but other approaches could be used.

In many countries the number of rural radio stations is expanding rapidly, and these may offer the possibility of relatively low-cost advertising.

A design suitable for a poster or a leaflet hand-out can be reduced in size for a newspaper or magazine advertisement. These are special displays of a product or range of products inside a shop. In addition to the products being on their usual shelves, they are displayed at other locations, often, in the case of supermarkets, near the check-out area.

A printed cardboard display stand could be used, possibly with posters and banners, which can be displayed around the shop. This technique is particularly useful for new products. People may be reluctant to try something new when they see it in a shop, without having first tasted it.

In developed markets companies often deliver small samples of their new product to every household in a country. Agroprocessors could consider handing out samples at shops for people to taste when they are going in.

This would have to be done in conjunction with a good point-of-sale display. For small processors this can often be very effective. You can organize parties and gatherings at your home or at the homes of employees and friends, in order to taste your products.

If people like them they will, in turn, tell their friends about them.

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Manufacturers sometimes include coupons on their packaging. These can be used by consumers to get a reduced price on their next purchase. Coupons can also be included on leaflets.

The use of coupons does, of course, require the cooperation of shopkeepers, for whom collecting the coupons and returning them to the manufacturer for reimbursement can mean a lot of additional work.

Free samples can be an important way of drawing attention to your product. Another technique is to include a small token on each packet or container.

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When people collect a specified number of tokens they can take them to the shop or return them to the manufacturer to receive a gift.

Again, such promotions often require the cooperation of the shopkeeper. Reducing prices can be used as a short-term promotional technique. However, it is not enough just to cut your prices and have your product on sale for less -you have to tell people you are doing so.

Thus price reductions have to be used together with other promotional techniques, such as advertising, and in-store displays.

Local newspapers and radio stations often look for local news items. They may be very pleased to do an article about your new factory. These are examples of promotion to consumers. However, you also need to promote your products to retailers.

Perhaps the best way of doing this is to convince them that your promotion activities for consumers will result in very good sales, so they will make money by selling your products. Another way is to offer special discounts for your first sales to a particular retailer see Chapter 8.

Free samples can also be used to attract the interest of shopkeepers in stocking your products see Box 4. Gifts, such as pens or key rings, with the name and logo of your company on them can also be used. Many countries have specialist companies that supply such gifts.

Promoting cassava chips in Tonga The author of this guide once worked in the South Pacific island nation of Tonga.

How advertising help to sell the product essay

An FAO project assisted with the establishment of a food processing plant that, among other processed products, developed very tasty chicken-flavoured cassava chips.This will not only help you hone your message, it will help you deliver it to the right places.

Step 5: Reorganize your priorities You’re probably used to putting yourself behind your company, co-workers, and still want to be loyal to these groups, but be loyal to yourself, first.

And writing ads can even help your sales pitches. Here's an exercise that'll take you from writing a simple ad to perfecting your sales presentation: Write an ad for what you're trying to sell. Commercial Draft Beer Products Essay - Part 3. Every time you turn on the television you are more than likely to come across a beer commercial - Commercial Draft Beer Products Essay introduction.

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Beer commercials “show how much fun it is to drink and how popular it makes you” (Monroe, 2). 9 Controversial Ads That Overshadowed Their Product.

How advertising help to sell the product essay

but the negative press didn't help people remember the product's name. Burger King's Super Seven Incher. The Super Seven Incher, an extra-long burger, didn't catch on like other Burger King products, even though BK tried to play on the sexy undertones of the meal.

several papers ran. Argumentative Essay on Advertising. 4 Pages Words November Advertisements also help sell the products which keep the economy growing, but people should also be wary of how much they spend because they may not actually need every product that they want to purchase.

Advertising is how a company encourages people to buy their products, services or ideas. An advertisement (or "ad" for short) is anything that draws good attention towards these things.

An advertisement (or "ad" for short) is anything that draws good attention towards these things.

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