Importance of rti act in modern democracy

Contact Us Search The Right to Information Act, has been probably the most discussed law of the recent times and also has given much more power to the people than any other law.

Importance of rti act in modern democracy

Most Indians are still ignorant about their constitutional powers. Proper education is a basic precondition for a democratic society INDIA IS a vast country with a huge population having different cultures and languages. India has been moving along the path of democracy since Independence.

For a democracy to be meaningful, it is necessary that the people in India are able to read and write. The people are ignorant about their powers in the democratic set up.

Literacy is a pre-requisite for the efficient functioning of democracy. It makes people conscious of their rights and duties. Political parties are engaged in power politics using the combination of money and muscle. The hindrances to the functioning of our democracy are communalism, regionalism and the absence of legal awareness.

The Executive and Official Secrecy

The basic reason for the occurrence of communal riots is the exploitation of communal feelings by vested interests. Regionalism is another threat to our democratic functioning.

Inhabitants residing in a particular area, who have a sense of unity and a feeling that they are different from others, express regionalism. This sense of unity may be based on language, culture or economic interest. Another thing is that all human activities are controlled by law and everyone should be aware of laws that regulate his day to day activities.

In other words, one should know about his fundamental rights and duties.

Importance of rti act in modern democracy

Ignorance of law may put us in trouble and it is not at all a defence. So, legal literacy is necessity in a modern society. Treatment towards minorities is another challenge facing our democracy.

Even though there are constitutional safeguards for the protection of minorities, both religious and ethic, there still exists fear among them in some states. A culture of tolerance and discipline is an asset to the society. The guardians of democracy should be vigilant.

Our elections are influenced by caste, creed, colour and money.

Essay on Transparency in Public Administration (Right to Information act)

Some sorts of restrictions or qualifications may be fixed for the candidates. Otherwise, the biggest fool will get the highest post and the country will go some other wandering way. For the smooth functioning of democracy, there should be an efficient administrative set up. Democracy means equality, social justice, freedom and rule of law.The Press, an important pillar of democracy, gathers lot of information with its own sources through correspondents or otherwise and enlightens the general public about the affairs of the government as such plays an important role of checking misuse of power by the executives.

Civil society must be involved as a constructive partner and advocate for democracy and human rights training. Sixth, civil society is an arena for the expression of diverse interests, and one role for civil society organizations is to lobby for the needs and concerns of their members, as women, students, farmers, environmentalists, trade unionists, lawyers, doctors, and so on.

Journey of Right to Information Act in India: Official Secret Act, The movement of RTI started in early s by Majdoor Kisaan Shakti Sanghathan (MKSS) in Devdungri, Rajashthan Freedom of Information Act, (repealed in RTI Act, ) Right to Information Act, passed in June 15, (w.e.f.

October 12, ) 9. According to World Forum on Democracy, electoral democracies now represent of the existing countries and constitute percent of the world's population. At the same time liberal democracies i.e. countries Freedom House regards as free and respectful of basic human rights and the rule of law are 85 in number and represent 38 percent of the global population.

May 01,  · A Constitution is superior to all the laws of the country. Every law enacted by the government has to be in conformity with the Constitution.

The Constitution lays down the national goals of India - Democracy, Socialism, Secularism and National Integration. Bimal Julka, Information Commissioner, Central Information Commission, New Delhi, said that transparency and accountability are the pillars of democracy and RTI Act is .

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