Political issues in the philippines

The three brunches of government, the law-making body or the legislative branch, the law-enforcing body or the executive branch and the law-interpreting body or the judicial branch forms political system of the Philippines. The Constitution currently in effect was proclaimed on 2nd February, and it's popularly known as the " Constitution". After Corazon Aquino came in control of the government in the new constitution was formulated. He also functions as both the head of state and the head of government besides being the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Political issues in the philippines

Muslim Mindanao had always been undisputed in any head on battle or war in history. From their pre-colonial autonomy up to the present incessant rebellion against the national government, they are always marked by triumph and non-withering spirit.

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They tactfully and secretly wished for independence but not to the extent of jeopardizing the nation. Deep inside, they are rebelling for being discriminated, marginalized, and forsaken. Then Nur Misuari or Chairman Nur united them under Moro National Liberation Front in the aim of getting the national government to listen and listen intently.

After a widespread bloodshed, both sides took a halt and decided to bring the issues squarely on one table. It was one of the longest talks literally because it was done first in Malaysia, then in Turkey, and finally in Libya.

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Hence, the Tripoli Agreement. It ordered for a detailed autonomous act to be legislated by the Congress. When it was signed in Manila, the war was officially over.

ARMM then became a fully and legally functioning regional government.

The Real Crisis of Philippine Democracy – Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia

They wanted more so they said, but Chairman Nur argued that MILF is but another intrusion from the imperial police government of Malaysia.

So the national government faced another toll and after years of fighting, they are back around that table again.

Political issues in the philippines

Now that the Framework Agreement is nearing completion, MNLF felt betrayed and legally violated by this peace process. They waged another war even though the government talked with them again and this time the venue is Indonesia. However, it could be deduced that the government committed a fatal error befriending MILF and alienating the other.

This could be another history repetition. Who knows what arm uprising would be organized again and under what name. Peace in this island will never be achieved if the national government does not change its perspective.

Muslims here in Mindanao have different ethnicities and clans. They are united by one thing, their faith, but they are divided by hundred other issues. Does Philippines have rightful ownership over Sabah?

Cite legal and Historical Basis. Philippines is the rightful owner of North Borneo. North Borneo was originally owned by the sultan of Brunei.Political Condition Socio Economic and political problems in the Philippines The End Philippines suffers from widespread corruption.

Means of corruption include graft, bribery, embezzlement, backdoor deals, nepotism, and patronage. The Philippines, it is often said, has mediocre or weak political parties and an inchoate or ill-developed political party system.

A political party, as defined by. The Americans controlled the Philippine Commission, the upper house of the Philippine Legislature.

The Nacionalista-dominated Philippine Assembly, and later the Philippine Senate, which was created by the Jones Law and replaced the Philippine Commission, was often at .

Political issues in the philippines

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Political Issues In The Philippines. Presentation at the Forum on Global Trends and the Philippine Political System at the University of the Philippines Baguio, November 28, financial, political, security, spying and environment issues.

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