Saboteurs the nazi raid on america

January 28 German Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher resigns.

Saboteurs the nazi raid on america

An entertaining and useful book. Meticulously researched and elegantly written, this book is that wonderfully rare thing: Dobbs delves, incisively, into the mindset of the different participants, from the saboteurs, with their conflicting back stories, agendas and loyalties, to midlevel FBI operatives, to the legal minds summoned to work the cases.

Dobbs fully evokes the relentless pace familiar to readers of traditional thrillers. Must-reading for true crime and World War II enthusiasts.

Saboteurs is a compelling story that is meticulously researched and highly recommended. Dobbs is the first to tell the full story of a riveting episode that casts some interesting shadows on our current moment.

Saboteurs the nazi raid on america

The Nazi Raid on America Q: How did you discover this story and why did you decide to write a book about it? The notion of Nazi saboteurs landing in America from U-boats immediately whetted my interest.

An archivist gave me a tour of the "stacks"—where the records are physically stored—and I noticed dozens of boxes of FBI records labeled George John Dasch, the leader of the saboteurs. My decision to write a book about the saboteurs was based both on the intrinsic interest of the subject and the extraordinary detail of the archival records, many of them only recently released.

Most of the information came from FBI records and the extensive interrogations of the saboteurs, all of whom ended up telling their story to the FBI.

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But I also followed in the footsteps of the saboteurs, visiting the farm outside the East German town of Brandenburg where they received training in handling explosives and secret communications. The farmhouse has now become a hostel for guest laborers from a nearby steelmill, but the site itself is little changed from What kind of sabotage were they instructed to carry out?

Their main target was the American aluminum industry, although transportation bottlenecks, such as bridges and railway lines, were also targeted. Aluminum was the basic material used to make airplanes: Air Force from gaining control of the skies.

The Luftwaffe chief, Hermann Goering, was a leading advocate of the sabotage plan. The portrait you paint of the Nazi saboteurs will surprise many people. Some of them seem comically incompetent. The saboteurs were all German-Americans who had returned to Germany during the runup to World War II out of disillusionment with depression-era America and a desire to help the Fatherland.

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Many of them had been members of the German-American Bund, the U. The Nazis assumed that they would make good saboteurs because a they knew America well, and b they had demonstrated their devotion to the Nazi cause. Unfortunately for Hitler, several saboteurs saw the sabotage mission not as a chance to serve the Fatherland, but as an opportunity to return to America.

How did they actually arrive on U. Their journey across the Atlantic was an adventure in itself: I have tried to give readers a sense of what it was like to live on board a German U-boat for several weeks, being tossed about on the ocean and hunted by allied warplanes.

Nazis landing in the Hamptons? What happened when they got to shore? The Hamptons were very different back then to what they have since become.

Amagansett, in particular, was much wilder and less developed, even though it had been "discovered" by painters like Max Ernst. The saboteurs had orders to bury their explosives and other sabotage equipment in the sand, and return for it some weeks later.The Norwegian heavy water sabotage (Bokmål: Tungtvannsaksjonen, Nynorsk: Tungtvassaksjonen) was a series of operations undertaken by Norwegian saboteurs during World War II to prevent the German nuclear weapon project from acquiring heavy water (deuterium oxide), which could have been used by the Germans to produce nuclear , at Vemork, Norway, Norsk Hydro built the .

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