Solitary reaper commentary

Now if you think a nice backpacking tour through Scotland sounds like a blast, consider this: Now maybe 15 miles a day for three days is okay, but for 6 straight weeks? Toss in the fact that the part of Scotland they were passing through was relatively rural. Nevertheless, the trip was definitely inspiring.

Solitary reaper commentary

The Solitary Reaper is a master piece of Wordsworth and is often recognized with him. History of the Poem This poem can be considered as a lyric, written in the year More info about the poem The journal of a traveler and the dairy of his sister remind the poet of such experience and the alacrity that had brought him.

So he was inspired to write this wonderful poem. This is one of the finest lyrics that Wordsworth ever produced.

Summary and Analysis of Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth - Beaming Notes

The poet seem to be highly influenced by the soft melancholy, sadness and wistfulness of the song that he hears. The song has left unforgettable impressions and has dwelled into the innermost chords of the poets mind.

He preferred a simple familiar girl of a peasant as the subject of his poem. The central idea of this poem is that the song sung by a forlorn Scottish girl appears more thrilling and enchanting than that of nightingale or the cuckoo.

I listened, motionlessly and still: And as I mounted up the hill The music in my heart I bore, Long after it was heard n more. Wordsworth is able to produce great pieces of poetry when his emotions get recollected in tranquility. He and his sister Dorothy had encountered many search reapers singing while at work in remote parts of the highlands of Scotland during their tour.

Perhaps the plaintive numbers flow, For old unhappy, far of things And battles long ago. The poem is simple yet romantic, pure yet serene.Wordsworth's "The Solitary Reaper" shatters this continuity. Her song, like a found poem, springs directly from nature, without literary context.


Her "music" runs like water ("overflowing" the valley) and surpasses the beauty of two celebrated English song-birds, the nightingale and the cuckoo.

the solitary reaper Slide No Nightingale did ever chaunt More welcome notes to weary bands Of travellers in some shady haunt, Among Arabian sands: A voice so thrilling ne'er was heard In spring-time from the Cuckoo-bird, Breaking the silence of the seas Among the farthest Hebrides.

The Solitary Reaper is a master piece of Wordsworth and is often recognized with him. As you go through this article, you can understand the meaning of the poem and its association with Wordsworth’s ideology.

Solitary reaper commentary

“The Solitary Reaper” is a short lyrical ballad, composed of thirty-two lines and divided into four stanzas. "The Solitary Reaper" was written on November 5, and published in The poem is broken into four eight-line stanzas (32 lines total).

Most of the poem is in iambic tetrameter. Analysis of 'The Solitary Reaper' The poet sees a highland girl singing and reaping alone in the field. She sings a 'melancholy song' as she cuts and binds the grain.

Solitary reaper commentary

To the poet the reapers songs seems sweeter even than the song of Nightingale ('No Nightingale did ever chaunt, So sweetly to reposing bands') The poet compares the song of the.

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