Spiritual assessment article review

A resurgence of interest in spirituality is evident in postmodern culture. Taylor 2 reported that a mid search of PubMed yielded clinical trials in which religion was a study variable, articles on religion, and articles on spirituality and that more than 12 nursing textbooks on spiritual care had been published since A consensus is growing that religiosity and spirituality are significantly related to physical and psychological health 3 and that the scientific study of spirituality and health is an important focus of nursing research.

Spiritual assessment article review

A bit of the Time Some of the Time Get the Results Spirituality is not something that can be easily quantified or qualified. Recognize that this is a quick, brief look at spiritual development and wellness. View these areas of spirituality to be aspects you can pursue in order to lead you to a well-rounded, life-giving faith, as well as an engaging relationship with God and a spiritual community.

One never reaches completion in faith development, nor attains absolute spiritual wellness. Instead, it is a pursuit to be enjoyed along the ever wondrous, progressive journey.

More important than receiving a number for your score is that you glean from the elements of this self-assessment. Twelve of the most important areas of spiritual development are highlighted. Was there a certain area in which you felt encouraged and sensed you are doing well?

What spiritual goals might you set in order to grow in that area? How would you like to challenge yourself?

What Is Spirituality?

Of these 12 areas, which are you most curious about and want to explore next? Answers to these questions may be the best thing you take away from completing this self-assessment. Things are hot and happening for you spiritually.

You likely already experience various benefits of your spiritual health. Invigorated by your spiritual fellowship and insights, life is an adventure and you look forward to what blessings will come next.

A fire has been set in your heart and you are drawn to the flame. You are eager to grow in your faith. Given time, you are set to discover marvelous realities about God and what He has for you in the Christian life. Find or stay in strong fellowship and continue to learn.

If you keep this up, you are bound to achieve a meaningful, fulfilling connection with God and other believers. If you continue along this path, your spiritual pursuits can bring you the direction, joy and peace of mind that you seek.

Spiritual assessment article review

You will find answers and guidance as you pray, study and learn from others. You have interest in spiritual matters and would like to gain a broader, deeper foundation.Developing a Spiritual Assessment Toolbox Through Five Methods 2 Developing a Spiritual Assessment Toolbox Through Five Methods Summary The journal article titled, “Developing a Spiritual Assessment Toolbox: A Discussion of the Strengths and Limitations of Five Different Assessment Methods” by David R.

Hodge explains the importance of a health care professional conducting a spiritual %(6). The Parenting Curricula Review Databases explore parenting curricula options for families in Head Start and Early Head Start programs. Find the latest information about research-based parenting curricula to help programs meet Head Start Program Performance Standard (HSPPS) Parent activities to promote child learning and development, 45 CFR § (b).

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THE SPIRITUAL GENOGRAM IN FAMILY THERAPY Marsha Wiggins Frame University of Colorado at Denver Spiritual and religious issues ofen su~ace during marital and family therapy.

In this article, I describe a spiritual genogram that is a rnultigenerational map of family members’ religious and. The Spiritual Assessment Inventory (SAI) integrates relational maturity from an object relations perspective and experiential God-awareness based on New Testament teaching and contemplative spirituality principles.

Using the Synergy Model to Provide Spiritual Nursing Care in Critical Care Settings Amy Rex Smith, DNSc, APRN, BC Amy Rex Smith is an associate professor in the Department of Nursing, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Boston, Mass.

Use these Spiritual Assessment Tools to help you to understand where you are spiritually and how God has gifted you. As a church leader you can empower the people in your church to serve with their gifts as well. Use these tools to help you to understand where you are spiritually and how God has.

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